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Song: "The Greatest" Cat Power. I really overlooked this song when the album first came out. Up until a few minutes ago (note: I wrote this last night) I was convinced "Hate" was the only good song on the album. Thanks to Sweetney who sent me a mixed cd and made me listen.

I am having a terrible time artculating this right now but I want to point to Heather's brilliant piece (dated Sept 22) that is very relevant given the state of things as a whole and of course in relation to the MANY violent incidents recently. I am getting fed up with the overuse of the word, "evil" because it's a word that seems to remove accountability on all sides... "...he was a such a nice, normal guy." It's gotta be the evil. And on the other side of things as long as we believe in abstract notions of evil then we never have to look at ourselves and the world we've created and participate in. When bad shit happens it's The Evil. I despise the hopelessness of that perspective.

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