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It's true. The web has become like a big, giant suburb. Little boxes. On a hillside. Made of ticky tacky. All the same.

I will say that one of the reasons I started making personal sites was the opportunity to flex my design muscles and I desperately miss the days when I could take the time to fashion a different design for every article. But the not making money, plus increasing demands and doing the job of several people part meant that something had to give somewhere. So I get it.

To be honest the thing that bugs me most is how often I am now described as a "Blogger." How did that happen? I'm no longer a designer, writer, photographer, artist, gardener, business owner, entrepreneur, person who makes stuff, or inventor.

No. Without having ever used the word, I am now referred to as a Blogger. Why does that feel incredibly diminishing?

And then Tokion with their 2006 Festival of Male Achievments in the Category of Creative Arts. Hell yeah I'm fucking grumpy.

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