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I believe this is panic grass (Panicum virgatum), aka switch grass, a native Prairie grass. I'm not very adept with grasses but I am facinated by this one in particular. I am pretty sure this is panic grass because I know the growing conditions and they were right where I found this one. Plus it looks right, the growth habit was correct, and the fall colours were on show. Okay I will stop explaining my reasons like anyone gives a shit.

I am just in love with grasses as a photographic subject. I am also in love with grasslands and wetlands in general, especially when the two merge. There is a specific sandy wetland in the city that has become my "Happy Place." I have to push through a gauntlet of annoyances to get there but it is very worth it.

I've started a grasses set here. Some of these aren't technically grasses but I'm letting it go for now since they are also a part of those wetland areas.

Song: "Slavery Days" Burning Spear.

« Panic Grass »