Wednesday, November 8, 2006     « Cottage Country Canada II »


The boy who lived here came out the door seconds after I clicked the shutter. I don't think he understood that I thought their place was beautiful.


I've suddenly found myself with three back-of-book type dealies to write. It's kind of daunting. Now I fully understand why I was so hesitant to ask people to do this on my behalf. I feel a responsibility to really read the books before weighing in with a few pithy blurbs. People are counting on me to honor my commitment and give their baby some careful time and thoughtful consideration. God, the pressure! But it's fun too. I get to see books before they are printed and I am now that voice one checks for confirmation about the merit of a book before making a purchase (which I actually never do. It's the design that makes or breaks it for me).

« Cottage Country Canada II »