Monday, December 18, 2006     « Large Shadows on a Snowy Schoolyard »


This picture was taken in early 2005 with the now dead Kiev. RIP. I wanted to photograph this school but the light was so blindingly bright that day that I just wrote the photos off and forgot about them. I always intended to go back but never did. But looking back through the archives I find that I like the tree shadows in this one and there aren't any insane glares or reflections... although months later the Kiev backs would become so fucked that the only remaining "working" back made a huge spot in the lower right side of every single image. Now it has gone where cameras go to die, to a spot on the floor next to my desk as I contemplate its future.

I was drawn to post a snowy photo today because I have developed an addiction to Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by The Arcade Fire. Actually I listen to the entire "Funeral" album constantly these days. A lot of songs seem to refer to a kind of navigating through the lies that adults tell the youth, confronting complacency in our lives, rebelliousness... themes that resonate with me as I have been in a constant state of re-evaluating choices and change. I don't ever want to stop asking myself questions but I'd like to slow it down soon and relax into something.

« Large Shadows on a Snowy Schoolyard »