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"It turns out that once your mind gets expanded it is very hard to shrink it back down again." - from "Cruddy" (page 8) by Lynda Barry

Monday, January 22, 2007 marks the forth anniversary of this here website. I would like to give away a print to one reader as a thank-you-for-stopping-by-type-thing. Maybe I'm being naive but since I'm not expecting to be buried in entries the best way to go about this would be to send an email via the contact form thing, I'll randomly draw a name on Monday and that person can then choose a print from this selection over here. Thanks!

I am off on a little trip until Monday. This will be the first non-work trip I have taken in ages! No stress, no schedule, no expectations to be met. Pure enjoyment. Free all-you-can-drink espressos available 24 hours a day... okay that will add up to a total of 2 and I already have that option at home but still... Woo Hoo!

Song: You're Starting Too Fast Johnny Pate. I'm like a hyperactive kid high on the sugar from a mouth stuffed full of an entire bag of Big League Chew Gum today. This fast-paced song seems like the right soundtrack to my mania.

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