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- First prize Lynn (any print)
- Second prize Erin (any small print)

I decided to add a second prize since so many people wrote in. I think I get more excited about doing contests than the participants but I always feel bad for the people who don't win. Thanks so much to everyone who wrote! Between your encouraging letters and the trip it really did feel like a birthday!


The above photo is from a trip to Coney Island back in October 2005. I only seem to make it to Coney Island when everything is closed down, rainy, and quiet. I've been looking back at photos from our last trip to New York before moving onto the new stuff. I abandoned these photos at the time because the weather was very wet and dull, resulting in very flat and dull photos. While this kind of light can be good for some things I prefer to take photos when there is a little bit of sun and some contrast between light and shadow to work with. I tend to feel unsure about these flat images. They lack that sense of hopefulness that comes with sunshine or golden magic hour light.

« Coney Island (Cheez Burger, Potatoe Balls) »