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Roll-down security doors like this one are a rare sight here in Canada.

My first encounter with such an intense need for security was on a childhood bible club trip to the Buffalo Christian Center in the early 80s. It was the first trip I can remember to a city larger than the one I grew up in... and American no-less. I distinctly remember staring out the window taking in this new landscape of barred windows, barricaded storefronts, painted walls, and dangerous characters. Our bus sailed alongside a groovy dude strutting down the street wearing a gigantic pink afro and massive sunglasses. Forget Christian Skate, Pilgrim's Progress miniputt, and vending machines filled with exotic American sweets. I would have been contented for hours perched in front of this moving TV screen with a pack of Boston Baked Beans and a can of Tahiti Treat.

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