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"Jules told me not to tell people your business, not to tell them your past. He said to keep them guessing. He said that once a person knew all there was to know about you, they'd take advantage of you. Trust nobody, he'd told me over and over. In a way, I'd kept his advice up until just then. I was stoned and felt like sharing all my shit with the whole world. I wanted to be taken advantage of." - from "Lullabies for Little Criminals" by Heather O'Neill


Earlier today I rode in a cab with a driver who was suffering from some kind of neurological disorder. He kept having little fits and spasms that increased in intensity and frequency while waiting at stop lights. The fits would cause him to jerk his arm pulling on the steering wheel and put his foot down on the gas at all the wrong times. Even on open roads the ride was manically jerky and terrifying. I feel bad about getting in the way of someone's livelyhood but I called the cab company and pleaded with them to take him off the road.

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