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I had a strange day today. I'm too tired to write about it though. Plus Davin is across the room doing something with a Sharpie and the fumes are messing me up. Art stinks.

I am looking for a new agent. I have avoided doing a public call because I was worried it might be too crass. I suppose if I were really that concerned about being crass I would not have said half the crap I have said here. The leads I have had so far have been great but you never know, right? Maybe there is someone perfect out there who wants to be my agent but doesn't know I need one. Or maybe I have already found the right one from the group that have been in touch. Regardless I am just now starting to get a hang of this whole asking for help thing. You mean if I ask, people will willingly and happily lend their support? Who knew?

Look at me learning all sorts of lessons. Everyday.

And! Plus! I got a new and better coffee grinder that does not wildly shoot grounds all over the place. These are the milestones by which I gauge my progress as a human being.

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