Tuesday, April 10, 2007     « Plum Blossoms »


I know I quoted from the documentary "Crumb" last night but the reality is that I find it to be an utterly depressing film. After a certain point I just hit a plateau and couldn't watch another minute. I then watched "Sophie's Choice" to lighten my mood.

This is turning out to be Phone Call Week 2007. I spent the entire morning scheduling phone calls via email, and will spend the next three days with the phone calling device permanantly affixed to my ear. Now I know what Oprah feels like. Minus the money. And the team of assistants. And the belief in god, Jesus Christ, Dr. Phil, and The Secret.

But in other news $70 worth of seeds showed up in the mail today. That would be in addition to the MANY seeds I already have. And the ones that are turning into little seedlings under lights. And the seed order that is yet to come. And the seeds I will trade for at the end of the week. I must have been feeling very optimistic and ambitious when I ordered 5 different pea varieties.

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