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This has been a shitty week. The situation at the garden was so emotionally toxic that I began to experience physical symptoms like hives breaking out on my hands. It's amazing how the body deals with stress. The dysfunction within the group and the intense sense of injustice has invoked all kinds of horrible feelings from my childhood that have knocked me back like a ton of bricks raining on my spirit. I am very glad that this bullshit is mostly over and I can "move on." I am very grateful for the support I have, the sane people in my life, and the functioning communities I am a part of that have served as a counter to this experience. On the positive side I learned new things about my own strength and the way some people interpret that strength. I am hopeful that the work I have been doing will lead to a point where experiences like this don't dredge up childhood traumas in such an unfortunate way. I am no victim and I sure as hell am not that powerless kid anymore.

I like this.

World Pinhole Day

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