Tuesday, May 8, 2007     « You search for the life we need to find »


Loving New Order "Low Life" again. Peter Hook's melodic bass lines make me wish I had picked up the bass so many years ago. I suppose it's never too late. Piano first though. Man have I got a long way to go. Oddly enough the one song I did learn to play on the bass was "Transmission" by Joy Division.

I listened to the album this afternoon while out running errands. It was an extremely warm, bright, and beautiful day. Where did all of this greenery come from? Wasn't it only just yesterday that I was complaining about the never-ending winter that would be my death? I find this album conjures up a mental image of driving around quiet, empty night time cityscapes -- utterly wrong for a bright, spring afternoon. But by "Sunrise" I was fully invested and found the music had changed my stride. Incidently, I don't particularly like that song but the beginning before the lyrics is pretty awesome. Sometimes I think "Subculture" is the best song ever. Sometimes "Perfect Kiss."

« You search for the life we need to find »