Wednesday, May 16, 2007     « The Towers »


It's a busy time. I'm tired, haven't been sleeping well, and am sometimes stressed out but I'm also having fun with it. I'm taking some time today to clean my desk (I always say this!) and just generally prepare myself for what comes next. We had some heavy rains yesterday that were desperately needed. You should see my peas! I am continuously delighted by everything this spring but I am growing two exciting pea varieties that I have never grown before and every morning is another opportunity to see what they will do next. And holy shit am I glad to have the magic hour back in full force. Sunset on our rooftop deck has been pretty awesome.

Song: "Going Nowhere" off the newly released Elliott Smith "New Moon" album.

...And while in the midst of writing the above I got a phonecall that has completely altered my next two days. Once again the desk must wait.

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