Tuesday, May 22, 2007     « Cafe Bernate »


We eat here regularly. This place has been in the neighbourhood longer than we have and the owners are very friendly. They make a good espresso-based coffee and I love the mis-matched vintage dishes. They have good taste. That matters more than I care to admit.

They let me take pictures and the light is often good. I have taken a good many pictures in and around this little cafe and have suffered through that magnifying glass effect that sometimes happens when sitting next to a bright window all to have that good light for a photo or two. I like to sit in the window seats and watch the neighbourhood go by. Some days we run into lots of people we know via that window seat. Davin prefers the back just inside the large garage doors. The tables are varying styles of 50's era formica and make a better backdrop for our food photos albeit with less intense light. This also matters more than I care to admit.

« Cafe Bernate »