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This is a community garden I happened upon while walking down a street in Portland this past Feb. I can't remember the name or the name of the street. I am horrible with names but I'm pretty good with plant names. And the books of the bible. I can still recite them from Genesis through to Revelations in order. I like to keep it on hand as a party trick.

My life is completely engrossed in the act of gardening these days. I write about it, do it, talk about it, shop for it, photograph it, and live it. Love it. It's not a bad way to live really just a little bit all-consuming right now. My hands look like this most days... okay everyday.

Song: "Sea Lion Woman" Christine and Katherine Shipp -from "A Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings" If you're looking for it The Library of Congress sells it online. Nina Simone does a vigorous, foot stomping version called "See Line Woman."

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