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I wrote something better than this but I am too afraid to be so personal now-a-days. I feel the burden of too many people watching and reading. I envision this like thousands of eyes that all belong to my mother; judging and whispering hateful things about me in my ear. Telling me who the fuck do I think I am anyways? It's amazing how far I can come and still find remnants of this that remain stuck to me like emotional super-glue. And she is watching too. I know she is because she used to take pleasure in letting me know.

Some people are crazy and fucked up. Two of those people were my parents. I have become more and more drawn lately to films that accurately depict the family's potential for destroying one another. I need external reassurance that my reality is true. Another reason why I shudder to think about films that champion the triumph of the nucleur family. North America's favourite film genre.

I put together a collection of photos under the title, "Not Now, Not Ever" and posted them to my Flickr account. I came up with this title for a collection of photos well over a year ago and have been sitting on it ever since. The title very accurately describes what I have been trying to do with a certain subset of my photo work over the last few years. Just don't ask me to explain it further in an articulate way right now. Maybe later, but not now.


Buy a print and send a kid to camp! With that "kid" being me and the "camp" being the ocean.


While I'm at it my "special friend" (Some relatives still refer to him this way after 14 years together. Oh the confusion people experience over the common law issue.) has a beautiful book of his photos for sale.

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