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I love this place. I love this view. I love the ocean marsh created within the foundation of the old bath house. It is still my favourite place in San Francisco.

I just packed up and shipped off my busted digital camera for repair. I guess I've been lucky in that I've never had to have it repaired in the three years I've had it. Unfortunately I need a digital camera for work. You'll almost never see digital pics here but I use that camera every single day for other stuff. I wish I didn't need a big honking digital slr but the fact that I do has been made more apparent in the days I've been without. I keep thinking that maybe it is possible to take a picture with my eyes. That's possible, right? Then I just beam the images into my hard drive by thinking really, really hard.

Anyways, I have been biting my nails thinking about the potentially expensive repairs that could take as much as 6 weeks. Which means I have to find the money to buy another camera body for the interim. If you have any leads on someone who is selling a digital Nikon SLR body (I only have Nikon lenses) or anywhere that rents cheaply (I could buy a new camera for the price of rental) I would greatly appreciate the lead.

Song: You have to listen to "The Wind" by Cat Stevens when you look at this picture.

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