Monday, August 6, 2007     « Fruit Bus (Flint, Michigan) »


I had a bad experience around the series of pictures taken at this fruit stand in Flint. I did not handle the situation well and I had technical difficulties with the lens I wanted to use which resulted in not getting the pictures I really wanted to take... and about 10 freak-out minutes thinking I had broken a lens that I could never afford to replace. I like the pictures enough but it is hard to look at them without thinking of what I missed and how I messed up. Lesson learned. I will do better next time.

Film: I enjoyed watching the Nick Cave penned movie "The Proposition" for the second time. I've had "Release the Bats" in my head since. Wish I didn't get rid of that Birthday Party album in a previous album purge.

« Fruit Bus (Flint, Michigan) »