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The television crew have come and gone. I spent yesterday afternoon decompressing. I could really use more time but there is work that needs tending to and life goes on. The upside is that it really only seemed to take me into early afternoon to work through any initial anxious reaction to the experience. That's not to suggest that I won't feel fear or anxiety about it again but that I already know where the bulk of the fear comes from making it fairly easy to address. That's progress. Plus I have a good six months to get used to this before it airs.

My one real regret was that I was too timid and shy. Embracing my own sense of personal pride and defining that line between ego and confidence is a struggle.

The positive is that I learned a few things about myself. I learned where I need to go next, and I discovered or rather rediscovered some personal boundaries that I'll have to think about.

« Worthless III (Michigan, USA) »