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My camera is supposed to come back from repair within the next few days. Total cost: $159 GASP. I could buy a camera for that much dough, albeit a cheap piece of shit camera but still.... I could get a Great Wall to replace the one that is constantly perched on the cusp of a total breakdown. So it goes I suppose. Expensive cameras are expensive to fix. Breakages are inevitable. I've been using the camera regularly for two years solid without a tune-up and who knows how long ago it was last serviced. I need to accept and stop whining about it.

I've been sick with some sort of unknown publicly contracted illness over the last few days but am beginning to come out of it. When I am sick I always complain that it couldn't be a worse time. There is no sick leave for the self-employed. But honestly this time around it really couldn't have been more convenient since I had just wrapped up a few projects and could easily lose a few days without the world coming to an end. Sure it would have been more fun to spend those days enjoying the last days of summer but I am so rarely bedridden these days that I really can't complain about a few days in bed watching daytime television and shitty movies, and re-reading old issues of Bitch magazine.

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