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I think this is Portage, Michigan. If memory serves we were driving along the highway and spotted a sign indicating a certain American coffee franchise (rhymes with Barlucks) up ahead. I am ashamed to admit that I am enough of a coffee addict that coming upon a franchised coffee sign is like following a beautiful rainbow to inner peace and happiness. I have experienced more shamefully joyful moments coming upon a glorious espresso-based coffee establishment than I care to admit publicly. I can't drink drip coffee and that poses a very difficult situation as soon as I leave the core of any major city. In my normal life I could give a shit about certain franchised coffee establishments. But on the road my eyes are trained like an eagle to spot anything that might resemble an establishment that serves reasonably drinkable espresso-based coffee beverages.

With Whitney Houston blasting the self-love anthem "The Greatest Love of All" over satellite radio, I made a remark about the differing designs of the American flag banners lining the intersecting streets as we pulled up to the plaza housing said coffee establishment. I found it interesting that the banners in one direction sported a wave motif while the banners in the other direction were more traditional. Was there an eagle incorporated? I forget now. As I made a remark about these banners I mentioned the city/town of Portage pronouncing it Port-auge to which my driving companion replied, Yeah, I don't think they pronounce it like that here, Gayla. I think they say Port-ige. Regardless of how you pronounce it, I love you Portage, Michigan and I will forever be in your debt for the addition of a Barlucks to that plaza I forget the name of on that street I forget the name of with the flag motif banners with waves, and the more traditional flag motif banners without waves but possibly incorporating an eagle.

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