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Holy shitcakes!! After receiving a haircut I don't quite understand, I was finally able to pick up my Hasselblad* from the repair guy this morning. I'm in shock. I've been hassling this guy everyday for a month after his initial estimate of "in a few days" followed by countless rounds of "tomorrow, definitely tomorrow" fell through. I considered setting up a silent (or loud) in-store protest today but he came through in last night's final desperate phone call.

And now that I have it I don't know what to do with it. Too late for the garden project, too late for the countless photos I have wanted to take without my beloved camera to take them with, and so overdone by the stress and aggravation of the wait (and what the eff is this guy doing with my sweet baby camera) that all my ambition seems to be gone. But just in time -- thank the lord -- for next week's week off.... or rather Five Motherfucking Days of Freedom. Five whole days in which I will listen to music, read books, walk about, look at stuff, hug trees, visit my favourite greenhouse (the one I talk about endlessly), breath air, sit on my ass, live each moment for self-indulgent pleasure, and try not to think about the life-sustaining/bill-paying money we are not making while enjoying such folly.

* As an aside, spell check wants me to replace Hasselblad with Gallbladders. I find these suggestions endlessly amusing.

Song: No Agreement Fela Kuti

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