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Song: I'm in a Lou Reed mood, whatever that means. Perhaps it is because I'm reading "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain and Davin and I often refer to him as The Lou Reed chef. I first caught "A Cook's Tour" on TV years back and was immediately taken by the fact that Mr. Bourdain was not the delightful, well-behaved host with perfect teeth we've come to expect in food TV programming. I bought the companion book "A Cook's Tour" at the tail end of working on the TV show that never was when I needed to find ANYONE in the television world speaking my language. There's a whole lot that he and I do not have in common but I can appreciate any television "personality" whose adjusted TV self is closer to reality than the cutesy, over-enthusiastic simpleton routines that currently dominate the channels. That and he swears like a motherfucker. I very much enjoy an intelligent potty mouth. Oh, and he's a fine writer too.

For today's song I could go with either How Do You Think It Feels or Pale Blue Eyes.

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