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Interesting how we purchased both The God Delusion and god is not Great at a church basement thrift store this afternoon. Both were hardcover and totaled $1.50. If only they had had Why I Am Not a Christian, it would have made a most appropriate trilogy.

I now have TOO MANY books to bring with me on our week away. What a terrible dilemma of prosperity I am forced to face. An assortment of interesting books AND the time to read them -- the hard part is fitting them into my bags and hauling them around.

And on that note this is probably going to be my last post for a week as the goal is to stay away from the flickering, back-lit screens and indulge myself in a schedule-free, commitment-free existence. With air, colourful trees, and new things to see and explore.

Music: I'm stocked up and plan to sink into Nick Drake over the next week. Friends have often suggested that since I like certain kinds of music that I'll probably like his music but other than a few songs like Fly and I had never really looked into it.

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