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I don't know the name of this grass. I don't think it is a Setaria or a Pennisetum but it has similar fuzzy seed heads.

I suggested American Psycho for our annual Halloween horror film viewing this year because a friend and I had been discussing seeing it again. We all agreed that it's a smart and interesting film. We talked a lot afterwards about complicity and the way a group of people can collectively decide on a reality even when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I experienced this twisting of reality and truth many times growing up in a dysfunctional family. My friend suggested that some people feel more comfortable living in a confused or semi-confused state that lacks clarity and decisiveness; not really knowing what is true or not, what they believe or not, and who they are in that. I am still thinking about it but am inclined to agree. It was never clear in the film if what the main character was doing was real or fantasy because no one seemed to see what he was doing or hear what he was saying and evidence kept disappearing. I'd like to write more about this but I've got to run out the door in a few minutes.

I have been reading through this month's Special Arctic Issue of The Walrus. It's a particularly timely topic for Canadians due to exploding issues around the environment (especially with a leader who is not supporting Kyoto) and questions of Canadian land and ocean claims in the north coming into play more than ever. I heard somewhere not long ago that the suicide rate in Inuit communities up north is the highest of any place in the world. I would suggest starting with Sovereignty From the North by Mary Simon.

Song: More Nick Drake although I am still only interested in the Pink Moon album. I just can't get into any others. I really like the simple piano bits in "Pink Moon." I am pretty sure the instrumental "Horn" was used in more than one film. Davin recalled its use in Lynne Ramsay's Ratcatcher.

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