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Things have improved greatly since I wrote last week. The actual facts of the situation have not changed but what has changed is how I feel about it. And how I feel about it isn't resolved or particularly good about the situation -- however it is sliced the shit still stinks. Instead what I feel is understood. I found a way to let it be known in an appropriate way that I needed to have my humanity recognized. Surprisingly that small, simple thing shifted my feelings back from hopeless and sad to hopeful and strong.

I am learning.

Song: "Unfair" Pavement. I love the long scream that is followed by yelling, "Walk with your credit cards in the air!" Probably my favourite song from that album. Davin loves this song too and hearing it always reminds me of a mixed tape he made for a trip to Boston about 14 years ago. Back when we also listened to Unrest quite regularly. As inspiring designers we thought their cover design was pretty awesome.

« Lantern Festival (Montreal Botanical Gardens) »