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My naming is gradually getting less adventurous and more plainly descriptive.

I wrote the following earlier today when it was snowing. Then I had to run out the door before I had a chance to finish posting. I will preface this by adding that I was feeling particularly giddy with the excitement of the trip still fresh AND having broken my rule of not having coffee before lunch.

It's all high-fives and celebration around here. A thick blanket of white is quickly draping the world outside my window. I can't believe we're going to be in Cuba soon, roasting our winter-white asses off. We've read every word written online about our destination; looked at every photo, and watched every crappy video on Youtube including the boring ones documenting some guy walking through the airport and the really long one where a couple ramble on about the minutia of their vacation. I was certain not to miss a second of THAT one, what with the possibility that I might miss some very important special something that will tip the scales from good vacation to super awesome. I am happy to go just about anywhere but can't believe how excited I am for this particular trip. So much so that I will watch all 25 of your terrible videos, JVC guy, captivated by every detail with the knowledge that soon it will be me drunk and delusional on the heat and recording every moment of my own experiences, just in case. I can't say what I am most excited about -- I'm just going to say EVERYTHING. I am ready to soak it all in.

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