Saturday, January 5, 2008     « Santiago de Cuba (Sidecar) »


I've been posting quickly here in anticipation of the first batch of film. Once that comes it will be difficult to motivate myself to scan the Polaroids. I do not enjoy scanning Polaroids, they're fiddly and the colours are never quite right.

We saw a lot of motorcycles with sidecars in the city -- red and green seem to be the most popular colours but I saw orange and yellow too. I have always wanted to try riding in a sidecar but did not consider it for even a second in Santiago. The driving there is insane! There are no traffic lights except on the busiest and largest intersections. The style is fast and furious, drivers honking incessantly to indicate their presence and intentions. People manage incredible feats. We saw a guy riding on the back of a motorcycle while balancing a cake in one hand!

I did not feel safe walking the streets or riding in cars. Both seemed to be equally hazardous. The sidewalks are butted right up against buildings and are just barely wide enough for one person. Passing slow strolling pedestrians meant stepping onto the road and putting my life in peril.

« Santiago de Cuba (Sidecar) »