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I'm going to try and post two photos a day for as long as I can sustain it before my work schedule gets too insane. In a few minutes I will have finished scanning 120 photos with about 200 more to go. If I don't increase my one photo per day schedule I will be talking about Cuba for an entire year... either that or I will show them for a few months before moving onto new film, abandoning these photos forever. Here is photo #1 for today.

And so....

This was one of the first amazing sights we saw in Santiago and one that was repeated many times over the course of a week. I'm not sure if this is a regular occurance or if it was stepped up for the holidays with more people traveling into and out of the city to celebrate. To be honest I am only speculating but my guess is that this is one of the cheapest forms of transportation and that these people are not going to work. I'm basing my guess completely on the fact that a.) They are dressed too nicely for work and b.) It looked like an incredibly uncomfortable way to get from point A to B. Not only were people jammed into the trucks -- many standing for god knows how long -- but like every other vehicle in the area the tailpipes emit a nasty, black, dirty diesel smoke. Just sitting in a car was a horribly unpleasant experience so I can't imagine what it must be like for the guys standing up at the back just behind the exhaust.

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