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This view is pretty typical of many of the quieter residential side streets in Santiago de Cuba. I welcomed walks down quiet streets like this one as a nice reprieve from the constant onslaught of insane traffic in other parts of town.

Most of what we saw of the city was quite hilly with thin sidewalks and a gorgeous view of surrounding mountains in the distance. Maybe I'm just in better shape but I didn't encounter many hills much steeper than this and certainly not as painful to ascend or descend as most of San Francisco. Or maybe I was just so happy to be away from the cold of winter that it all seemed wonderful and I didn't mind stewing in my own sweat.

If you want to get ahead of me and my slow posting schedule, Davin has uploaded a number of images from his perspective to his flickr account. Be warned that his do not include my superior [cough] accompanying narratives. They're currently arranged into 4 different sets based on location. He has only posted one photo at a reasonable viewing size to his actual site (I do not like viewing photos on Flickr). Someone give him shit.

« Street View (Santiago de Cuba) »