Monday, January 14, 2008     « Baconao Lagoon (Cuba) »


Oh my goodness it is beautiful here. Kind of like a big lake surrounded by mountains. I had been hoping to explore the shoreline looking for birds and other creatures around the mangroves. We considered taking out one of these rowboats but in the end we made too many stops on the way to the lagoon (and then on the way back) and ultimately didn't have time. I was given the impression that the 4 cuc peso cost for taking a boat out included the services of a man rowing the boat, a prospect that would have made me very uncomfortable since I do not like being over-served -- especially when the price is too cheap. They did have a larger motor boat on the dock, however it was broken down. In the end we just stood on the dock, took some photos, enjoyed the view, talked to some freaky tourists with over-inflated boob-jobs, and left.

« Baconao Lagoon (Cuba) »