Thursday, January 17, 2008     « El Mundo de la Fantasia (Astronaut) »


As predicted my sleep last night -- if you could call it that -- sucked ass. And I hurt in new places, which when all tallied up seem to amount to every single inch of my body. That class kicked my ass.

I think photography can be utilized as an exercise for accessing your sub-conscious mind. It certainly works for me in that way at times. In the case above I actually fooled myself with my own photo, certain that a gorgeously golden and unkempt grassland lay behind this astronaut figure at El Mundo de la Fantasia (I love the way these words roll off the tongue). Then I looked at the photo Davin took of me posing behind a similar astronaut figure and realized that it wasn't like that at all!

Song: I Love You Lou Reed

« El Mundo de la Fantasia (Astronaut) »