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Tonight requires a calm and fairly simple image.

I've had a bit of a demanding evening. I'm spending hours everyday just answering email and it is starting to overwhelm me. I have managed to reduce my inbox to almost 1000. I know. I know. I complain about email a lot. But come on already! Can we get on this human cloning thing please? With spring on the way email is truly the most overwhelming aspect of my job and equally frustrating because it is not paid work. I am working more hours and making less money. That's not good math. And about 70% of it are demands for this or that which is also unpaying. And then an email from a magazine I interviewed with (via email) which wasn't an interview at all but them just taking my words verbatim and piecing together an article that they didn't have to pay or credit me for and then emailing me and calling it "an editorial mention" and then having the added gall to request that I promote the "editorial mention" via my website and press release. Uh huh. Bite me. I've been screwed enough times to put my foot down and say I am not doing any more email interviews unless I know the person or am very sure it is not going to go sour. Lesson learned.

Anyways that's only a part of my day and certainly doesn't represent the quality of it on the whole. Today I also felt very pleased about upcoming travel, had a nice meal with a good friend, and Davin met me halfway home bearing a blanket to make the remainder of my walk more bearable. He's a good one. I mean the guy is nursing a bad cold and he had only recently returned from a 45 minute walk of his own. And let's be real here for a moment; while I'd love to be able to say I would do the same for him it's pretty damn cold out there and I am a cold weather wimp. It would appear that he is winning the 2008 Better Partner Award. Except that I win by default for tolerating his mother.

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