Friday, February 1, 2008     « Gran Piedre »


The view from the top of this mountain was incredible. We could see the shadows the clouds left on the hills. We were actually on top of a very large rock, perched on top of a mountain. It's kind of incredible that I was able to stay up there relatively unphased considering my fear of heights. I will state for the record that my fear is mostly based in real danger. My level of fear tends to be equivalent to the level of danger involved. Although I can experience vertigo just approaching the edge of a rail-less roof.

Really the only part that concerned me about Gran Piedre was the last assent up a ladder to the top because I had learned by then that some things in Cuba aren't exactly kept in top form. Some things were downright crumbling. I got a feeling a great many people had been up and down those stairs. There was a message at the bottom stating, "Use at your own risk." So you know, if the stairs somehow came unattached, chances were good that you'd just fall and die. The end.

But we did not fall or die and the view was pretty great.

« Gran Piedre »