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Winter is kicking my ass so hard right now. I try to limit my coffee intake to a few times a week and never have one as a morning wake-up but I finally relented when 2pm rolled around today and I was still dragging my tired brain through a small handful of tasks. I am so thankful for this trip to Austin. My mind and body are craving warm breezes, greenery, and sunshine. I hear it is going to be 70F on Friday! I will be spending the entire weekend in green spaces with enthusiastic gardeners, chickens and goats.

Is it Friday yet?

Album: "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Pavement. This is one of a handful of albums that I like to put on when that first spring-feeling day hits. I open the windows, put on the light jacket, and crave a car ride without an intentional destination. It is slightly warmer today. Maybe if I play this album it will feel like spring?

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