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I took this photo sitting outside of Jo's Coffee on South Congress in Austin, Texas last week. Sitting outside! Sitting outside without freezing my ass off. Sitting outside without a winter jacket and moon boots. There will be no sitting outside here in Toronto for another two months.

We went to Jo's just about everyday so it was only fitting that I should take at least one photo as evidence. Of all the coffee places I tried in Austin I liked theirs best. I'm not sure why but the milk the other joints made me feel ill.

And while I'm on the subject of illness, I've been sick with some kind of bug since our trip. It started as a sore throat that I thought was the result of our ultra-dry hotel room with non-opening windows but by the last day of our visit it had evolved to hacking up phlegm. I had the pleasure of flying with head congestion for the second time in my life. If you have experienced this yourself you will know that the descent makes your head feel like your brains are going to start oozing out through your ear canals. Good times!

But really, other than that I had a great trip to Austin. I took pictures of gardeners in their gardens for the first three days and enjoyed every minute of it. The people I met were so intelligent, cool and hospitable and the gardens so warming to my cold, dead winterized soul... When I come out of my sickness fog I will have lots to share.

I especially want to thank Lori for the Polaroid film. THANK YOU!

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