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I just got my film back from a the birthday trip Davin and I took to the island last month and I am really happy with my grasses/reeds/wetland shots. I froze my ass off but it was worth it for the light which was absolutely perfect.

I know this speech is making the rounds but wanted to throw in my non-American vote for Obama. I was sold before the speech so it has only solidified my excitement about the possibility that this man could be the next U.S president. Even if he doesn't make it all the way I am incredibly encouraged and hopeful that he has made it this far. I never thought a mixed race, half African man with a Muslim father and a foreign-sounding name would get this far in an American presidential race within my lifetime. Of course he is much more than that simple definition but I never imagined so many would get past those points. Gives me the shivers in a good way.

Song: I know it seems trite but I gotta pull out the Sam Cooke today. "A Change is Gonna Come" ... always my favourite of his and a song that makes me choked up and teary regardless of how many times I listen to it.

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