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I posted this photo on my gardening site today and thought about putting a Jesus Parade photo here but a year later I feel like the best of the Jesus Parade photos have already been shown. I could take or leave the rest of them. We're planning to head over there this afternoon for Jesus Parade II: The Sequel so perhaps there will be more photos in the future. This time I need to remind myself to leave early and not dilly-dally on the way since I actually missed Jesus last year -- the highlight of the whole friggin' thing!

Song: I'm having a difficult time choosing a song primarily because I have taken a sudden shine to The Smiths and have got songs on repeat in my head that I haven't thought about seriously in nearly two decades. I must be regressing. I have also recently pulled out the entire Unrest catalogue and Galaxie 500's "Today" because my brain would also like to take a moment to move slightly forward in time to re-examine music I enjoyed in the early 90s. In truth "Today" is a damn fine album regardless of the decade so I will just shut up now.

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