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I think today was technically supposed to be my last day but since we are leaving on Wed anyways I had decided that I might as well make Tuesday the last day.

Deciding on a picture knowing there will only be two more was not easy. I tried to just keep on keeping on rather than trying to make sure I get the best ones in before the end.

I'm experiencing sadness and doubt about bringing this to an end. Though, one thing I have discovered about myself within the last 10 years is that I don't like to leave things hanging. I don't like to just stop without a word, and most especially without taking responsibility within myself for that ending.

I do not like that kind of gutless passivity in myself or in others.

I regret the friendships and unfinished projects in my past that I knew were finished but allowed to taper off without firmly stating, "This is finished." It's never been an easy thing to do but it seems like the right thing.

Song: "Oh Yoko" John Lennon.

« Foto (Santiago de Cuba) »