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Photo taken with Pocket DV    pool_fountain.jpg

Closed for the season
Photos taken with Pocket DV

I bought another camera off of ebay Saturday night. I'd been looking around for a few things and had managed, by chance, to come across an auction for a Spartus Full-Vue camera set that included a flash gun, instruction manuals, the works. The auction was coming up in an hour and no one had bid so I went for it. I got the whole thing for $9.99 US. Waiting to hear on shipping though. Some U.S sellers like to act like shipping to Toronto means the item will have to be brought in on horseback or skidoo.

I was intrigued by this camera because it has even less features then the Lubitel. It is literally point and shoot with no focussing, aperature settings, shutter speed... nothing. I should add that zero features was exactly what I wanted. We joked that with the Lubitel if the pictures turn out shit I can only really blame myself, whereas if the Spartus pictures turn out shit I can blame the camera. On the aesthetic side the camera has a lovely bakelite body, top viewer, and pretty design. And in my research I have found some people say that the lens is plastic while others say glass but held in with a fused plastic ring. We'll see but I'm betting on (and hoping for) plastic. I looked around online to see if I could find some examples of photos taken with this camera but sadly there aren't too many. However what I did find shows some nice softness around the edges.

More About the Spartus Full-Vue

  • Some Spartus photos - This guy's camera has some major light leaks
  • Spartus Full-Vue user manual
  • More photos and Spartus info - I like the swings pic best.
  • Old ad endorsing the "Star Performance" of the Spartus Full-Vue

    On Saturday afternoon I went out into our nice sunny weather to try and finish off the first roll taken with the Lubitel 2. I did manage to finish that and have moved on to a roll of b&w. I'm excited to take them in for developing but don't know if I'll have time this week.

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