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Magnolia Tree Taken with Brownie Target Six-20

Magnolia Tree
Taken with Brownie Target Six-20

Yesterday three rolls of film came back! Two were from new box cameras and one was from the new Lubitel 2. So far the Brownie Target Six-20 is my favourite. It is the most fun to use but the pictures are also really amazing. The above photo is my favourite of all three rolls of film. The only problem with this camera is the hassle of shaving the reel, which isn't much of a hassle when you compare it to the people who re-roll the film onto a 620 reel and then roll it BACK onto a 120 reel for processing.

One unfortunate thing I discovered is that the photos from all the box cameras are quite long and as a result the camera store doesn't print the entire negative. They actually chop quite a lot off and the chopping seems to be fairly random. As a result I'm missing some important parts of photos. I can't do much about the colour photos but my plan for black and white film is to try the old cyanotype and vandyke chemicals I have sitting around. I had promised myself that for the sake of my health I wouldn't mess with darkroom chemicals again, but these aren't too bad if I wear neoprene gloves and work in a ventilated space. At least I don't have to deal with fixatives and such. My idea is to try and do contact prints from the black and white negatives. They're big enough for it. We'll see.

The second roll of film from the new Lubitel 2 seems to confirm my initial assessment of it. The focus is pretty screwed, there isn't much issue with light leaks, sometimes there is a strong tunnel vision effect, and the photos are really dark around the edges. The other Lubitel 2 had some darkness, but this one is crazy. I love it!

My MayDay Project is up.

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