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After Caribana
Lomo LC-A

Over the weekend I put together a new camera profile page. THRILL to the Ansco B-2 Cadet!


In other news, it is now September. My end-of-summer-freakout officially kicks into overdrive. You know summer is ending when every cabbie conversation goes like this...

"Nice day today, eh?"
"Yes. Very sunny. Finally."
"The colder days are slowly making their way."
"Not slow enough."

I want to be the sort of person who can appreciate winter and just let it be. I may never be that person. The person I am does not thrive in a cold weather environment. The person I am hates the sound and feeling of snow crunching under foot and shutters just to think of it.

"It's only September", you say.
"Winter is months away", you say.

But fall all too quickly leaps into winter. The days are far too short. It's dark by 4:00 pm. Some days you'd swear it is 4:00 pm all day long.

It's all very twisted and wrong.

Obsessing over the 'hardship' of winter is so fucking Canadian. Actually it's mostly Southern Ontario.

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