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3.00 Trades
Lomo LC-A

I got my first roll from the Windsor back yesterday. Sadly the picture size is unusual and they don't have a carrier for it so I couldn't have prints done. I tried two pro photo places with no luck. I'm finally starting to see the drawback to all these crazy cameras. Well, I could have had a contact sheet done but I have a new plan...

My scanner is dying. Lately it has begun to squeak, crackle and grind. I ordered a new scanner that should be in later this afternoon. Woot woot! It scans 120 negatives.

And now I will take a moment to bid a fond farewell to the old scanner. I just used it for the last time (and of course it didn't make any noise!) before it goes to that happy place all computer equipment goes to live out its last days... my brother's place.

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