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Scylla and Jay
Canon AE-1

The photo above is an oldie. I took it way back in (possibly) 1995. My recent photos of Mount Pleasant Cemetery have had me digging through and scanning old negatives searching for photos taken in Salem, Mass on a long ago road trip to New England. The grave stones were so ornate and beautiful. The searching ended in the discovery of a group of photos I took of my maternal grandmother and brother.

These photos were taken with the famous "Bill the Camera". We have recently begun trying to use Bill again and have discovered that I'm not crazy there IS something wrong with the lens I was using! This sucks because it was the wide angle which has always been my favourite lens. Considering photos I've taken with several other cameras since March of this year have been in focus, I just knew it wasn't me. It's not as if I suddenly forgot how to focus... and I know my eye sight hasn't degraded recently.


Last night we watched a lovely film called Raising Victor Vargas.

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