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Woo hoo! Two projects.... a gallery of toy camera photos called Carny, as well as a group project called "Close-up Lenses for Toy Cameras" are both up at My contribution is Method #2.


Googling the meaning of life.

The search query report in my stats is a daily source of entertainment but sometimes it's just downright weird and depressing. Having a site name like Making Happy results in an awful lot of search strings like "How to be happy in life", "What makes human happy", and today, my personal favourite "How to make my parents happy" (Hint: You aren't going to find the answer here!).

I use the internet as an instant fact-finding encyclopedia on a regular basis (do people even buy encyclopedia sets anymore?), but that's to find out stuff like "How to fix a broken sink" or "What year did such and such happen". I was completely floored to discover that at least once a day someone out there is attempting to find the meaning of life through a search string typed into Google.

This is stuff no one else can teach you. You can't read a book or a website to get answers to these sorts of questions. I blame "and they lived happily ever after", cognitive therapy and Dr. Phil. It just doesn't work that way.

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