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Spring in the Park
Taken with Lubitel2

I took this photo way back in the springtime using the 2nd Lubitel2... the one with the cyrllic lettering. I'm now making an attempt to appreciate that camera for what it is. My problem with it is that I bought it to take nice, sharp photos with a touch of softness... see the photos with the first camera to get what I mean.

But this one is messed. It takes crazy, toy camera-ish shots... one small area of sharpness with crazy tunnel vision blur all around. The photo above is not a good example of the craziness. The colour saturation is out-of-this-world. I should LOVE this. I should be so friggin happy to have gotten so lucky. By sheer luck I got a crazy camera rather than a boring normal one. But I just haven't been because I'm a stubborn fool and I want my sharpness because that's what I bought the camera for damnit. Sigh.

I have had nothing but trouble with these Lubitel cameras and yet I can't stop. I blame the first one. It was brilliant. Amazing. Beautiful. I still get weepy thinking about it. We had good times that camera and I. Until I broke it within a week and a half. I'm planning to make it into a pinhole though.

Number 2 was an old Lubitel 1 I bought off ebay for $10 bucks. It never arrived and the seller went awol.

Number 3 is the Lubitel2 with cyrllic lettering. You know the story.

Number 4 is a 166U that is currently on route. We'll see.

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