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Taken with Great Wall DF-

This one is for Jim.


Mr. Risk and I went out today on a cross-town jaunt to the discount camera stuff store. Actually we also went to the other camera store where I bought some out-of-date film but.... Anyways they had shifted the store again and all kinds of crap that used to be slightly-over-priced-crap was now somewhat-cheaper-slightly-over-priced-crap. After what seemed like an hour of bending and mulling over old cameras and boxes of crap while stewing in my own sweat (I stupidly wore my winter jacket), Mr. Risk and I walked out of there with "His and Hers" Zenit EMs. I bought the slightly more "rare" all-black 1980 Moscow Olympic model while Mr. Risk purchased the regular silver and black model. Both cameras seem to be in great condition and cost 20 bucks (CDN) each. We felt like such geeks walking around with our matching cameras but what we really need to do is acquire matching wind-breaker-style jogging sets and then walk around with our matching cameras. That would be very Rochester NY circa 1984... especially if our jackets had giant American flags on the back and I had really long claw-like nails painted white with a diamond stud embedded in each one.

I like this story about one man and his Zenit EM.

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