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Hunting Blanket
Taken with Zero 2000 Pinhole

I also photographed this blanket with the Nikon D70 a while back. Click here.

I'm drowning in photos. I've got A STACK of film waiting to hit the scanner. I've got GIGS UPON GIGS of digital pictures that need to be sorted and culled. I find when this happens I can't see clearly. I can't decide which ones I like and which ones are blah. It all becomes a blur. I try to recall my initial response to each photo because that tends to be the most honest one.

On Friday we went to the R.O.M (Royal Ontario Museum) for free night and then took a long route home, walking nearly the entire way. I got some nice night-time images of a barber shop that I want to post. I have to admit that I'm enjoying taking night photos with the Nikon. I also have to admit that I've come around to the Nikon and sometimes it's the only camera I take with me. I'm a rotten digital-lover!

Yesterday we got inside the old warehouse again. It was cleaned up but still good. Some of the details were gone. The bathroom was slightly less disgusting. I took TONS of photos. But again... can't sort through them. Too many.


The Toy Camera book is officially out. I haven't received my copies yet but am highly anticipating their arrival!

This is The Year of the Book for me. This is the third book I've been in this year, and then there's The Book (the one that IS my life right now). It's very exciting and also incredibly terrifying. I like books. I've been planning to print and bind a tiny book of some of my photos if I ever have free time again. I bought the paper months ago but it's just been sitting here. Time. Time. Time. I need to reconcile my differences with it. There's never enough of it.

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