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Old Warehouse
Taken with Nikon D70

Here's the first photo from our second "visit" inside the warehouse. I took this one with Mr. Risk in the distance to show the scale of the place. This panoramic does a good job of showing scale as well.


In Urban Deck Wildlife - The raccoon came back! Mr. Risk found it asleep in the same spot this morning. It took a lot of persuasion to get Rocky to leave (we're very creative at naming the animals). Baby bird #3 is still going strong. On Saturday I discovered ladybug larvae (very good. Plus I was able to get photos which were needed for the book!) and three-striped beetle larvae (very bad. But again I needed photos for book so kinda okay).

Ed: I have lots of insect photos I could freak you out with. You should see the spider I found in one of the gardens! The leaves actually rustled when it moved. Even I was a bit freaked.


The Toy Camera books arrived this afternoon. They look terrific. Classy. I'm disappointed about being the very last contributor shown. There's just something shitty about being last.

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